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Wellness is a life-long journey. Through the Corporate Wellness Summit programs, we approach wellness from a broad and holistic viewpoint. Our experiential elements address physical, social, intellectual and occupational aspects of wellness, while our media components help our audience address deeper emotional, financial and spiritual facets. Meanwhile, CWS companies are aware of the importance of environmental wellness and can develop appropriate strategies. Whether your team members are trying to eat healthier, become more active or manage a health condition, the CWS team is deeply committed to supporting an environment that helps employees feel, look and perform their best. Our events and lifestyle content allow brands and companies to choose their own way to wellness and we empower their leaders by focusing on the team’s goals to achieve its optimum state of wellness.


Corporate Wellness Summit EXPO 2021 is an impactful 2-day event series where thousands of companies and brands from across the country come to connect, learn and grow about the most relevant trends in corporate wellness. The main topics for the series include technology innovation, healthcare trends, holistic wellness, access to mental health in the workplace, CWP design and implementation, and more. Keynote guests include medical experts, top business leaders, and some of Austin’s most remarkable thought leaders. With a comprehensive product showcase, immersive experiences, creative outlets for employees and powerful education tools for managers and C-Level Executives, it’s a go-to destination for companies looking to enrich the experience and environment of their workforce, their most valuable resource.

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The way we think about our health, our work and the way they intersect is changing for the best. Corporate Wellness Summit EXPO is an impactful 2-day event where wellness, technology, and business innovation collide to help reshape corporate wellness in Texas and beyond. Come learn, grow and connect with more than 12,000 professionals from across the US, on February 26th and 27th, 2021 at the Austin Convention Center.


Corporate Wellness Summit EXPO will showcase over 200 exhibiting brands, thought-provoking discussions on wellness strategies in the modern workplace, sustainable programs for emotional and intellectual growth, and more. Through its many activities, the EXPO addresses all 8 elements of wellness and provides actionable information for companies and employees to collaborate and build winning programs.

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