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Join us in Austin, Texas for 2 days of learning, networking and fun as we discover new and powerful trends in corporate wellness.

corporate wellness
summit 2021

austin convention center

feb 26-27, 2021

The way we think about our health, our work, and the way they intersect is changing for the best. Corporate Wellness Summit is an impactful 2-day event where wellness, technology, and business innovation collide to help reshape corporate wellness in Texas and beyond. Come learn, grow, and connect with more than 12,000 professionals from across the US, on February 26th and 27th, 2021 at the Austin Convention Center.


Corporate Wellness Summit by Work Well Daily will showcase over 200 exhibiting brands, thought-provoking discussions on wellness strategies in the modern workplace, sustainable programs for emotional and intellectual growth, and more. Through its many activities, the summit addresses all 8 dimensions of wellness and provides actionable information for companies and employees to collaborate and build winning programs.


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wellness in the workplace
matters more than ever.

To foster healthier communities, businesses are taking a holistic approach – understanding the interconnection between the community, their employees, and health outcomes, and forward-thinking companies are leading the way with innovative concepts for health and wellness cultures.


Whether through external community health initiatives, or internal employees wellness programs, organizations are galvanizing ideas and resources to create strategies that promote community well-being to optimize the work ecosystem.

it pays to invest
in corporate wellness.

US Healthcare spending reached $3.65 trillion in 2018 and 80% of Americans report that they are stressed at work. Poor health conditions can lead to poor company performance, and your proactive approach is vital. On average, for every $1 spent on health and fitness programs, corporations save up to $3 in healthcare costs. Fitness and mental health programs also add value by increasing employee health and morale, and improve mental stamina, mood and focus. Further, strategic wellness programs empower employees, provide a positive work-life balance and help them gain confidence. What’s your wellness strategy?


2018 US Healthcare Spending


dollars saved for every $1 invested on CWPs

topics for

  • Post COVID-19 Design Strategies
  • Remote Work Wellness
  • Sustainable Office Design
  • Innovations in CWP Design
  • Long-Term Team Engagement Strategies
  • Legal Implications of Wellness Programs
  • State and National Legislation
  • Cost Analysis and ROI Strategies
  • Successful Wellness Communication Tools
  • Incentives and Outcomes-Based Wellness
  • Total Wellness Strategies for Teams
  • Considerations on Behavioral Health
  • CWP Startups to Watch
  • Women Leaders in Healthcare
  • Innovation + Investments in Corporate Wellness
  • Worksite Clinics
  • Inclusion and Equity in the Workspace
  • Deepening Skillsets in the C-Suite

topics for

  • Nuances in Remote Work
  • Work/Leisure Balance
  • Productivity and Focus Strategies
  • Reframing Mental Health Issues
  • Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace
  • ADA Compliance in the Workplace
  • Wellness Strategies for New Mothers
  • Harassment in the Workplace
  • Working with Headhunters
  • Meditation Practice Alignment
  • Addressing Work-Related Anxiety
  • Fitness at your Desk
  • Wellness on the Road
  • Breaking Down Your Benefits Package
  • Food is Medicine
  • Dental Wellness Mysteries
  • Spirituality and Your Worklife
  • Technology Trends and New Gadgets


  • CWS Networking Lounge
  • Corporate Health Solutions Showcase
  • Tech Innovations Pavillion
  • Spaces for Wellness Office Solutions
  • Wellness for Women Expo
  • Recharge Pavilion
  • BCRC Community Wall
  • 50+ Speakers on Stage
  • Speaker Panels and Forums
  • Mental Health Hall
  • Escape Room at CWS EXPO
  • Body Lab
  • Product Sampling and Demos
  • Virtual Reality Simulator
  • Creative Brand Activations
  • Shopping
  • Breastfeeding Areas
  • Team Photo Areas

all eyes on
the stage

CWS will bring together some of the most brilliant minds in wellness, corporate strategy, financial coaching, and health to take the stage at the Corporate Wellness Summit 2021. Stage highlights include:


  • Live Workouts to Start your Day at the EXPO
  • BCRC Breast Cancer Survivor Panel
  • Trending Authors and Keynote Speakers
  • Trends in Corporate Wellness Strategies in Austin
  • Medical Panel on Austin Mental Health Needs
  • Financial Planning Seminars
  • A curated collection of Videos and Music by CWS


Stay tuned. Our speaker lineup will be announced soon.

wellness and
technology collide

The way health and technology continue to intersect is changing in exciting ways, and making a bigger impact than ever on our daily lives.


From cutting-edge wearables to practical nanotechnology devices, to new and advanced worksite health testing, to productivity apps, to virtual reality simulation for wellnes, to sustainable packaging alternatives, the possibilities are mindboggling. At CWS, you’ll experience a refreshing showcase of emerging brands and technology innovations, to solve problems – simple and complex – through effective yet accessible programs.


Do you have an amazing brand you’d like to showcase?


cws networking

Corporate Wellness Summit is a prime business networking opportunity for professionals across 100+ categories, including healthcare, SaaS, wholesale distribution and more. Enjoy the comforts of our executive lounge, where special amenities will be placed for our audience on day one of the show.

and explore

CWS provides unique and engaging opportunities for managers, executives, managers, and all team members to come together through branded activations, fun activities, games and other exploratory features that engage and connect all levels of your organization.

bcrc community
wall at cws

A moving tribute wall will be built to celebrate BCRC patients, honor those no longer with us, and their families. The installation will be a permanent part of the EXPO during the 2 event days and later donated to the partnering charity. Stay tuned to @corpwellsummit for details.

wellness strategies

CWS will be a fantastic place to connect with some of Austin’s most talented physicians and wellness practitioners for one-on-one sessions. Our informative talks on stage and demonstrations from our 200+ exhibitors will provide companies the tools and knowledge to implement sound wellness strategies for their employees to implement into their lives (in and out of work). Aside from physical and mental health, guests will benefit from occupational, financial, environmental and social wellness resources. This actionable information will yield tremendous benefits well after the event.


plan your


Assemble your crew or join a wildcard team and let the escape game begin! Take your turn inside the Escape Room at CWS, where you’ll have 40 minutes to solve the puzzles, help your teammates and escape our themed rooms (at the Convention Center).




The Mental Health Hall at CWS is an immersive experience where guests can listen to guided meditations or simply rest in silence in a beautiful lounge. Enjoy interactive displays and literature about emotional and intellectual wellness.


with the body.


Test cutting-edge equipment, learn about new trends in nutrition, fitness gear, and technology for optimum performance, brought to you by brands. Learn how to apply these great finds into the workplace to provide wellness to your team year-round.


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who attends cws expo

The CWS EXPO audience is diverse and educated, interested in holistic growth, both professionally – improving their organization’s overall health – and personally – addressing individual wellness needs.


  • Managers, Directors, VPs and C-Level Executives in the fields of Human Resources, Specialized Recruiting, Culture Development, Compensation Management, and Inclusion and Diversity Advocacy.
  • Wellness and Fitness professionals and enthusiasts interested in emerging trends, health news, technology innovation and market updates.
  • Employees and team members (and their families) who are invested in their overall physical, mental and social wellbeing and seek positive daily wellness strategies.

why attend cws

At CWS EXPO, you’ll hear and learn from forward-thinking organizations that have successfully implemented wellness programs to minimize healthcare costs, improve the health and well-being of their employee population, and create healthy workplaces that are diverse, productive and resilient.


Company leaders will gain tools and resources to assist their organizations in creating a culture of wellness that stems from the top down, is embedded in the company’s strategic vision, and its importance is communicated throughout the company. The program will cover the most up-to-date trends, best practices and innovations in corporate health and wellness, and solutions to sustaining engagement, enhancing productivity, and promoting healthy behaviors and increasing ROI.


Start planning your CWS EXPO experience (and enjoy discounted pricing – dates apply). Choose between General Admission tickets (individual or group) and the VIP experience (individual or group).



Treat your team to an unforgettable experience at CWS 2021. Register your group online and start planning your weekend of wellness (note that pricing increases gradually up to the week of the event).

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exhibit at
cws expo

Showcase your brand at one of the largest health and wellness events in Texas. With expert guidance on audience engagement and best practices, we’ll equip you to make your presentation a success.

learn more

cws expo.

With 75+ touchpoints for brands, CWS offers robust sponsorship programs that effectively connect brands with their target audience, leading health professionals, and key decision-makers in Austin.


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a great event series
for a great cause.

Breast Cancer Resource Center


Breast Cancer Resource Centers (BCRC) is a non-profit organization staffed by breast cancer survivors who provide guidance, education and assistance for individuals facing breast cancer in Austin and its surrounding communities. BCRC’s goal is to provide the women of Central Texas, regardless of age, stage of the disease, sexual orientation, financial situation, or primary language, a guiding light through ensuring that she has everything she needs to identify her disease, treat it and transition into survivorship.

get on the cws list

  • You probably already know that Austin is one of the fittest cities in America, but do you know about Mayor Adler’s Health and Fitness Council? The Mayor’s Health & Fitness Council was established in 2004 to raise awareness of the cost of health care, to promote prevention of chronic diseases,......

  • In case you’re younger than 34, Austin has been ranked as one of the best urban areas in the country for you to plant roots, as more national surveys confirm. SmartAsset, a leading personal finance site, has ranked Austin as the second-best city for young professionals. With approximately 1 out......

  • CWS is excited to announce that the Breast Cancer Resource Center has been chosen as the benefiting party for the Corporate Wellness Summit 2020 event series in Austin, Texas. As it enters its 25-year anniversary, the nonprofit will be highlighted at the Corporate Wellness Summit EXPO at the Austin Convention......

meet the
cws 2021 partners.

The 2021 edition of Corporate Wellness Summit EXPO is only possible thanks to the support and excellent contributions of our sponsors and community partners. We are grateful for your support of the CWS program and for your interest in furthering corporate wellness across America and beyond.

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Our Production team has put together a comprehensive list of resources to help companies (in and out of Austin) to make the most of their visit and participation in this year’s edition of CWS. Our guide also highlights the great benefits you and your team will derive from participating (some great info to share with your HR department).

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cws is not just an event series.
it’s a lifestyle.

Whether your team members are trying to eat healthier, become more active or manage a health condition, the Work Well Daily team is deeply committed to supporting an environment that helps employees feel, look and perform their best. Our events and lifestyle content allow brands and companies to choose their own way to wellness and we empower their leaders by focusing on the team’s goals to achieve its optimum state of wellness.

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